Magnificent 17th Century Jacobean Mansion
Mold Rd, Pontblyddyn, Mold, Flintshire, North Wales, CH7 4HN




Photo shoot at Plas Teg 24/09/1011


The re-showing of the episode of Country House Rescue took place with the follow up re visit by Ruth Watson and crew.

Many thanks to Channel 4.

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Memorial to Bert Proctor


March 2010
On Thursday the 4th of March, Country House Rescue featured Plas Teg in the first episode of their series on country houses. Presenter Ruth Watson meets owner Cornelia Bayley and in a bid to assist Cornelia with her Plas Teg financial burden,
Ruth is keen to turn the grounds into a location manager's dream by offering out space for film and photo shoots.
With a little help from some Plas Teg friends they also host the house's first ever reception - inviting over 50 influential locals, politicians and civic leaders in a bid to attract new volunteers and raise the profile.

To see the full episode check out 'Plas Teg - Country House Rescue'

August 2009
The formation of the 'Friends of 'Plas Teg'

June 2009 -
Visitors to Plas Teg will see a considerable amount of improvements to the interior and exterior of this wonderful Jacobean manor house. One of the two stone built gazebos in front of the building has been fully restored to its original 17th century style, and the other is in the process of being restored (completion should be in the next couple of weeks).
The owner, Cornelia Bayley is continually striving to re-establish the gardens to Plas Teg. The gardens are at their optimum at this time of year. A gentle stroll to the rear of the building will illustrate her hard work, and it is visible for all to see, the house enhanced by the beautiful Welsh hillside.

Halloween 2007 -
The 'Most Haunted' team including Yvette Fielding, Brian Shepherd and Karl Beattie paid a visit to Plas Teg, where they investigated the paranormal activity within the house. This was televised live and shown on the Living Channel. This is repeated regularly on the same channel around Halloween time, but can also be seen on (type in: Most Haunted at Plas Teg)

December 2006 -
'Girls Aloud' (Cheryl, Sarah, Kimberley and Nicola) pay a visit to Plas Teg along with Yvette Fielding's team at Most Haunted. Check out (type in: Girls Aloud at Plas Teg) for full coverage.